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Solutions for SME Companies

Holding hands with United Arab Emirates on digital revolution and innovation, our resources are focused not just to deliver long-term results and better ROI for your business but also innovate for your consumer who is becoming sophisticated in the digital era. We are committed to provide quality solutions for website development, Mobile applications, Custom web Applications, Digital Marketing and Branding and web design services in Dubai.

Vox Populi was founded in 2004 to help businesses by supporting their technical hurdles while they can focus on their core skills.

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Transforming businesses into digital solutions

Our Core Services

Web Design and Development

We built strong functional structures of websites and web applications with the latest techniques and innovations and our designs are easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and suits the user group and brand of the website.

Mobile App Development

Mobile-only internet users now exceed desktop. Mobile can no longer be ignored. We cater to exceptional iOS & Android mobile applications that are built using advanced technologies. We deliver great user experiences and are built to evolve with technological advancements.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Vox Populi is serving its clientele with SEO marketing solutions, increasing their visibility and sustainability on first page of all major search engines.

Social Media Management

Social media is used to drive increase awareness, website traffic and drives quality lead generation for your business. Our social media management process focuses on content planning, content creating and promotion, community moderation, social media monitoring and sentiment analysis.

Software Solutions

Our enterprise application integration process is able to connect your IT systems like your CRM with your website to deliver a connected and efficient system.

Strategy Consulting

We can help you achieve success by providing the strategy, design and implementation services to transform, innovate and improve performance of your digital solutions.


With our Futuristic Approach

We have prioritized ourselves to the following Skills


Any service we do has a strategic reasoning to it. We brainstorm with the client to align our services which will enhance your business Strategies


Design Thinking

We start our process with one single question, "What is right for our clients?". We go to any extend to make sure the client gets the best.



With our dedicated experts we have the flexibility to proceed whats best for the client without any technology restrictions, Say Web, cloud, offline, Bigdata, etc


Marketing Solutions

Of course, its all about people. We believe everything should have a human touch. We help your business to extend that engagement Digitally or Traditionally.

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