How long will a project takes?

Some projects take few hours, weeks and months to finish and there are some can take years. It depends on the content and complexity the project is.

Once it is completed, is there any other services you offer along with the project?

Once the project is completed, an Annual Maintenance Contract comes along the package. There are also other freebies we can add.

What is Annual Maintenance Contract?

An Annual Maintenance Contract is an agreement with a service provider for repair and maintenance of websites, emails, applications used by your company.

How much will it cost us? We need to renew it yearly?

It depends on what type of AMC you require, also if you there are some changes on your website that's not included in scope of AMC. Yes, we will send a renewal notice to you that contains the details of your account to us.

What is the scope of Maintenance Contract?

Graphic and animation updates, Website content updates, Script/program Updates, Complete monthly backups, all of these will be explained on the AMC proposal we will send to you.

If the problem is not included in the scope, how much will it cost us? How long will it take?

It depends on the complexity of the request. Kindly send website request via email to [email protected].