What a sales person does?
  • He deals with a prospect in person.
  •  He introduces company
  • He gives information and offer the services
  • He takes the requirements and may offer some basic quotation idea.
The sales person earns the trust of the customer because he attends him personally or talks to him over the phone. But what if we make our website as our sales person? How a website will win the trust?

Let’s discuss what we can do about this..
  1. Simple language and no heavy words : When a sales person is talking with the customer, he gives solutions or answers to the queries.  Use simple language in your website which can be understood by the normal user. When people land on your website, they should get solutions / answers rather than confusions. Give clarity on the services that you offer and how they are going to help in business. Make reading an easy task for them. If they find heavy technical words which create questions, I am sure they are going to quit from there.
  1. Show Reality : Use real images. Let your website includes the images of your office, location and the real people who are working with you. This will act more closely to the customer and make him feel the reality of your company.
  1. Real stories : Real stories are always better. Include case studies of your clients. Add testimonials so that user will know how other people are experiencing your services. It indirectly communicates with the customer.
  1. Free demo / free trial : It’s always good to offer free demos or trials on the website which will provoke user to take some action. He may go for the trials and will connect with you for the same.
  1. Call to action buttons : Keep your call to action buttons ready on your website. Let them connect with you whenever they feel. Phone number, email ids should be easily displayed on the website to get contacted immediately.
Let your website talk as your sales person and let it bring leads for you.

Sayali Prabhudesai

I am a blog contributor and I like to share the information which I gain out of my fruitful research.