The title actually looks very odd. Life of a website. We, in general think that till we are renewing our domain and hosting, our website is live. But this is not the real scenario. The change is the only constant thing in this world; as we all have heard this many times. So, only renewals of domain and hosting do not increase the life of a website.

Actually there is no set of rules to state how long a website should lasts. “It depends”. Evaluate your website with the following questions and analyze if the website is still young or showing its age.

-        -- Is my website still able to convey the main message of my business?

---        Are all my strategies of business growth reflecting here?

---        Is my website still following the design trends? For e.g. larger images, videos, call to action

---        Does it look good on phones and tablets?

---        Are contents on the website updated with my latest services?

If the answers are “No” for most of the questions, that means your website is getting old. It’s time to change. And if you don’t update the same, then it will be out of the market very soon.

Website is not an option. It is a necessity for your business. It works as a sales person for your company. Consider that you are going in a professional meeting wearing unpleasant / untidy cloths. The impression you get there, the same impression your client will have if your website is not well maintained.

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Sayali Prabhudesai

I am a blog contributor and I like to share the information which I gain out of my fruitful research.