In short, what you can expect when VOX POPULI makes a website for you:
  • We only design custom websites. We don't use ready-made templates. It means that you will never have an unpleasant surprise to stumble upon another web site which is identical with yours.
  • WOW-looking design. We love making beautiful sites, which make you happy and make us proud.
  • Clean, modern code which works and looks the same in all modern browsers.

If you want to take your presence on the Internet a step further and make your web site truly interactive, to have a full control over content of your site and update it yourself in minutes, or to start selling goods online, VOX POPULI is here to help. We develop virtually any kind of interactive web sites:
  • Property Management System
  • e-commerce (online shops)
  • Online publishing systems
  • Games

E-mail marketing is an integral part of running a successful CMS Websites. That's why we decided to integrate - a proven e-mail newsletter management system - with our CMS Website. VOX POPULI CMS + VOX POPULI e-mail marketing: it just makes sense.
  • Select Contents
  • Export to Appealing layouts
  • Deliver to unlimited recipients
  • Increase customers loyalty & repeat ordersManage group for efficient & targeted Delivery

If you have a website, but no one knows about it besides you, family and friends, this website is useless. Website is the cheapest way of advertising, which is available 24/7/365, not just for several seconds, like TV or radio spot. But to take advantage of it, you need to actually show your site to the people. This is why every website requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO). VOX POPULI always writes HTML code in such a way, that it's SE optimized from the start. And it is included in price, no extra charges are applicable.

VOX POPULI offers following branding services:
  • Logo design
  • Brand book
  • Stationary set
  • Website design and development to go with your brand