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the profound journey of over a decade has made vox populi from a small advertising agency to a one-stop-hub for all digital marketing and innovative IT solutions. we grew, expanded, took challenges and accomplished them with cent percent satisfied clientele. the journey has been a blend of hard work for days and nights with a complete dedicated force to make us ‘what we are at present’.

we grew from a seed of creative hotspot to a strong trunk of advanced IT based approach, nurtured with the water of hard work and sunshine of the trust of our clients. turning into a crown with bunch of portfolio fruits that added a major ‘chlorophyll’ and the tree expanded covering all arenas of ‘digital marketing’ and giving shade to our clientele with ‘innovate IT solutions’ for all businesses. The widening shadows are facilitating clients form all industries and of all business sizes to meet the demands and standards of era.

the seed

a decade back, four business personals with a strong hand in advertising industry joint their hands to lay foundations of ‘vox populi’. the team served numerous clients with a creative beam of print and web graphics and development.

team mates from multiple countries joined the company as it grew and brought a value addition to all projects. A strong portfolio reflects the strength of high aesthetic sense with an aroma of futuristic approach.

the trunk

vox populi strengthened its team’s competence with opportunities of exploring and proving them in all sectors of advertising industry. this laid the formation of a very stable ‘trunk’ of this ever growing tree.

We never confined our approach to limited medias and capacities, rather we took every project as a challenge to deliver more than the basic requisites and a practical solution displaying the complete aspect of one’s services and products.

From designing a logo to a complete branding, from a product catalogue to an online store – team vox has always envisioned the futurist approach with a blend of functional solutions.

the bark

We strengthened our team’s competence by giving them variant opportunities of exploring all sectors of advertising and software solutions which enabled vox populi to cater ‘software solutions’ needs of our clients with customized features and applications as per their businesses.

software solutions

thus, besides facilitating our clients with graphic art, print productions, web designing and development we also offer customized ‘client relationship management’ portals, custom made ‘content management system’ and variant customized software solutions as per their needs and business projection.

vox populi proudly carries a huge number of software solutions in its portfolio with a strategically planned infrastructure followed by widgets, user friendly approach and mobility.

the crown

Bringing a unique set of ideas coped with latest advancements in the industry, vox populi has delivered beyond contemporary approaches.

Our tree has a well grown, nurtured and all green crown with a variety of remarkable accomplishments. Team Vox Populi has a pride to initiate a unique set of prototypes as ‘interactive solutions’ for the digital media indoor and outdoor ease.

Interactive solutions

Our creative and technology team works together to develop scalable interactive solutions driven by human interactions like touch, gesture and motion control which are either off-the-shelf products, customized solutions, or any need based services.

These prototypes have a set of customize features with a strong built infra-structure which is well planned strategically in order to provide usability ease, multiple screen resolution display and much more.

widening shadows

the advancements, research, innovations and latest technology evolutions have brought a wave of ‘digital marketing’ era to the entire advertising, web design and development, software solutions and android solutions. vox populi always embrace new arrivals of technology with an open heart and a big smile of enthusiasm of ‘ready to indulge’. our strategy and business projection has topped up with a digitalized outlook.

vox populi being the digital vertex, offers a complete digital marketing strategy and solutions for all kinds of advertising, publications, development, online marketing, e-commerce portals and interactive solutions. we are proudly serving our clients with an expert ‘digitally envisioned’ services to bring a boost to their business and strengthen the ‘brand value’ with 360 degree approach to the way they have been doing it earlier.

the widening shadows of vox populi are facilitating all businesses of all sizes and industries with a complete on-stop-hub of digital solutions provider.

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